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Proxē Stations are a new, creative tool to help you and your campus fellowship or church community as you seek to introduce people to Jesus. Click on the panels of the photo above to explore some of the Proxē Stations created by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, learn how to use them, and interact with others around the world who are successfully using Proxē Stations. We hope this site is a valuable resource for you!

- the InterVarsity Proxē Station development team

What is a Proxē Station?

A Proxē Station is a guided experience used to clearly explain the Gospel and help people respond accordingly. It uses interactive art, questions, and conversation to enable participants to discover realities about God, themselves, and their world, which inspire them to respond to Jesus. A Proxē station can be done in a way that also accomplishes other purposes, such as: providing an on-ramp for GIGs (discussion groups for non-Christians), connecting people to Christian community, and authentically engaging students with a social justice issue.

Proxē stations are specifically designed to create opportunities for sharing the Gospel. Effective Proxē stations always deal with both the inner reality of the heart, and the outer reality of whatever individual need or desire is being addressed.

The desired outcome of Proxē stations is to see people accept Christ. To this end students and staff, who guide others through the stations, seek to share the Gospel and take the conversation as far as the Holy Spirit will allow. When it becomes clear a participant isn’t ready to make a commitment to Jesus, the guides respond appropriately to meet them where they’re at. The participants decide how far they’re willing to go in a Proxē station; the student/staff guide facilitates the journey.